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Recruiting Consumer Member: California Behavioral Health Planning Council

The California Behavioral Health Planning Council (CBHPC) is a majority Consumer and Family member advisory​ body to state and local government, the Legislature, and residents of California on mental health services in California.​ The vision and mission of the CBHPC guides its evaluation of California's system of behavioral ​​health care through targeted committee studies, community site visits, and General Session forums and presentations. The CBHPC informs the Administration and the Legislature on priority issues, provides feedback on behavioral health policy and regulations, and on legislative actions based on our Policy Platform.

If interested, please contact them at Inbox@​​​ to request an application.​

Your completed application for membership may be submitted by mail to:

Department of Health Care Services

C/O CA Behavioral Health Planning Council

Attn: Tyler Sadwith, Deputy Director of Behavioral Health

MS 2706 PO Box 997413

Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

You may also submit an electronic version of your application by e-mail to: Inbox@​​​

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